About Us

Get to know us, what we stand for and what we believe

We're a Christian Family Church that believes we are called to live a life on fire for Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit. We love God, and we believe in His radical, unconditional and unwavering love for us. We believe that Jesus is God. We place the highest priority on Jesus as a live life to the fullest invitation, and we invite you on a journey towards Him.

We believe that you have a dream deep inside your heart, and that God put that dream there not for our glory, but for His. We’re not concerned with where you’ve been, but where you’re going. You might not attend any church, which doesn’t make you the enemy, you are a real person who need the perfect love that only God can give, and we believe that God gives this love through of all people … Us.  We believe the Bible is God’s word. It is real, it is living and it’s active.

And finally and most importantly, at Lighthouse Church we believe that Jesus really lived, that He really died on the cross and that He really rose again on the third day...and we cannot and we will not candy coat or water down that message...EVER!!

We believe in the fundamental truths of Christianity as revealed in the Scriptures including the following:

  • The unity of the Triune Godhead - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (Deut 6:4, Mat 28:19, 2 Cor 13:14)
  • The sovereignty of God in creation, revelation, redemption and final judgement. (Gen 1:1, Heb 1:1-2, Titus 3:4-5, Acts 17:31)
  • The plenary inspiration of the Old and New Testaments in their original form and their entire trustworthiness and supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct. (2 Tim 3:16, 2 Pet 1:21, 1 Cor 2:13)
  • Man’s fallen condition through Adam’s transgression, rendering him subject to God’s wrath and condemnation. (Rom 5:12, 2 Thes 1:7-9)
  • Redemption from sin solely through the sacrificial and propitiating death of our Lord Jesus. (Rom 3:25-26, 5:15-21, 2 Cor 5:19, Mk 10:45)
  • The bodily resurrection of our Saviour from the dead and His ascension to the right hand of the Father in glory. (1 Cor 15:4, Heb 8:1)
  • The Holy Spirit as the divine agent through whom lost and sinful man is regenerated, and by whom the believer is empowered for life and service. (Jn 3:5-6, Rom 8:9, 2 Thes 2:13)
  • The justification of the sinner by the grace of God through faith alone. (Gal 2:16, Eph 2:8-9)
  • The one universal Church is the body of Christ to which all true believers in Him belong. (Eph 1:22-23, 1 Cor 12:12-13, Acts 2:41-47)
  • The blessed hope of Christ’s return to power and glory. (Acts 1:11, Heb 9:28, 2 Pet 3:10).

Lighthouse Church Values

We call them the 5 G's. These represent Lighthouse Church values, what we believe we must be and do, to impact not only our community, but also our country and the world.


It’s all about Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. We allow Him to direct our meetings and we enjoy seeing the Holy Spirit move, changing people’s lives and setting them free.

We do hope that you will come and experience Him for yourself.


Not only do we gather on Sundays, but throughout the week we have activities in order for you to stay connected with your Lighthouse Church family.

For more information check out Our Ministries page.


Lighthouse church grows by numbers quarterly, but we grow by knowledge even more. We have a Bible School that will equip you to grow into the unique calling God has placed on your life.

In 2018 Lighthouse Church opened another Lighthouse Church in Cape Town, which is led by Milo and Alison Bridgens. Check out their page for further information …


God has given us a mandate, to go and make disciples of nations. That is why we take this very serious when spreading the joyful news of Jesus Christ.

We have partnered with a number of churches in different areas such as Leandra, Botswana, Lesotho. Outreaches are important for us to grow ourselves and those around us.


We believe that tithing is a Biblical principle, and do so with a joyful heart.

We also give of our time to volunteer and assist where we are needed, whether this is in Kids Zone, Coffee shop, Info Desk, etc.

Our Pastors & Eldership Team

Derek and Heidi were sure of the call of God on their lives when they were born again in 2007 and responded to the call to lead New Covenant church Secunda in 2010.

In December 2010 Derek, Heidi and their family moved to Secunda to lead the then New Covenant Church Secunda, they subsequently changed the name to Lighthouse church, they have been the lead elders of the church ever since then, and they have enjoyed the favor of God on their lives.

Heidi and Derek both have a powerful testimony, Heidi flows naturally in the prophetic and is a wonderful worship leader. Derek has an apostolic call on his life, with a great heart to see nations saved. Their children, 2 daughters and son-in-law, Leah, Caitlin and Marco all love Jesus and passionately serve in the church on the worship team.

Derek does the greater share of the preaching

Derek and Heidi are convinced that Lighthouse Church will be instrumental in seeing the great end time harvest come in and the last great revival as we excitedly anticipate the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Greg & Candice have been on the eldership since 2013, they oversee various ministries including the supernatural ministry team and the hospital healing ministry. They oversee local outreaches as well as national outreaches.

Greg has played a major role in assisting Derek in leading Lighthouse Church to become the church it is today

Greg and Candice pursue the presence of the Holy spirit and love seeing people activated and engaged in the supernatural. They have an incredible gifting for healings and words of knowledge which we get to witness most Sunday mornings.

This couple have 3 boys who keep them on their toes as well but this doesn’t stop them from being powerful ministers; Candice is a wonderful shepherd, absolutely loves people, and is no slouch when it comes to leading meetings and preaching

Greg shares a large portion of the preaching load, is an incredible teacher and carries an undeniable Apostolic gifting, his 1st book is ready to be published; watch this space for more info

Leon & Natalie have been part of the Eldership Team since 2013, but nobody really knows how long they’ve been part of the church. For so many years Leon and Nats have been an integral part of Lighthouse Church and have always had an incredible love for people.

Leon & Natalie are the perfect definition fivefold shepherds, as found in Ephesians 4. Their ability to make people feel loved, to always see the best in people and the way they care for the “sheep” has shaped the way Lighthouse cares for people.

These shepherds oversee LifeGroup training and Leadership development of all leaders in Lighthouse, Leon also carries some of the preaching load while Natalie serves on the worship team

This wonderful couple have 3 incredible children who get to serve in the life of the church as well.

Blessing and Ethol have been part of the Lighthouse team since 2008 and were ordained onto the eldership team just over 2 years ago. They have led very successful LifeGroups and currently oversee the intercessory team.

They have incredible passion and love for people and strive to see them raised up and discipled in the ways of the Lord.

Being people that are passionate about prayer, Blessing & Ethol shift the atmosphere in any prayer meeting. This couple are incredible Bible teachers, they shepherd people well and flow in the prophetic. They have 3 wonderful children.

Cois & Paula Erasmus have been part of the Lighthouse family since 2009. They’ve always been incredible shepherds looking after great LifeGroups in the life of the church.

They are parents to 4 beautiful children, but this doesn’t slow them down while they continue to see churches planted in Lesotho, as well as overseeing many outreaches across the nation and across the borders.

Their passion to see the nation saved makes it easy to identify Cois’s fivefold gifting as an evangelist while Paula flows powerfully in the prophetic.

Having been in Lighthouse for more than 15 years, Carmen & Crispin came onto Eldership in 2017, they oversee most of the church’s Social Justice ministries which includes Hope Ministries, as well as the soup kitchen that Lighthouse runs and managing the distribution of food parcels. Crispin & Carmen have a sincere desire to see the hungry fed, the homeless housed and the poor taken care of.

Crispin is also one of the exceptionally talented and anointed worship leaders at Lighthouse church, while Carmen flows in a beautiful prophetic gifting. As a family, which includes their two sons, the Chetty’s play an integral role in the life of shepherding the Lighthouse church.

Philip and Lettie are multipliers, not only can we see that in the fact that their first little ones born were twins, but Philip and Lettie oversee the Discipleship Program and the Bible School of Lighthouse Church. The great Commission Jesus gave the church to make disciples of all nations is a commission this couple takes very seriously. Philip is a classic Fivefold Teacher and Lettie is a gentle shepherd with a prophetic gifting.

Philip is on fulltime staff at Lighthouse church and is very involved in the day to day running of the church; when he isn’t busy writing Discipleship Program curriculums, you’ll find Philip setting up systems for the staff.

Even though their three boys keep them busy, this family makes loving people a priority

Riaan & Riette have been on Eldership since 2017, they have an incredible desire to see marriages restored and made whole. Therefore, they oversee all marriage courses and counselling where dozens of couples have been encouraged and taught to live married life according to the plans and purposes of God.

Riaan and Riette are gifted teachers of the Word and you’ll often find them teaching a course at one of the church’s Discipleship courses on a Wednesday evening. Riaan is actively involved with leading Sunday morning meetings as well/

Riaan and Riette have 2 young sons heading for their teens

Hein & Mignonette have been on Eldership since 2017. As well as sharing the preaching load with Derek, Greg and Leon, Hein is also in charge of the Connect Ministry. Connect is a ministry that teaches those who are interested in becoming members more about Lighthouse Church.

As loving shepherds Hein and Mignonette oversee various Lifegroup,(as do all our Elders), Mignonette can also be found onstage as part of the worship team, while Hein regularly leads Sunday morning meetings

They have three children, two daughters and a young son.