Never walking the road alone.

Life Groups

We have over 50 Life Groups across the TEKS area that meet on Tuesday evenings at 7pm. Details of the Life Group Leaders is available from the church office, and a pamphlet with information is at the Info Desk. This is an amazing opportunity to make friends, connect with new people, and to grow in the word. We call it Life Groups, because that’s where LIFE is found. There’s a Lighthouse Life Group near you!

Young Adults

This is a life Group aimed at young adults aged 18 – 30. They meet at the church, as it’s quite a large group, and they really spend time in the word and growing in friendship. This is where young adults learn how to deal with the adult world, build new and lasting relationships and grow into the purpose God has set for them.

This group of youth meet on Sunday afternoons at 4pm at Lighthouse Church, where they get together for a time of fun and fellowship, worship, and the word is shared. It’s good for youth to get together so that they can be ministered to on their level to build friendships in Jesus. The youth use the back entrance of the Church for safety reasons and everybody’s welcome.

Enrico, affectionately known as Teddy and Mel Williams lead this group. Find out more...