The University Student Mask

He is just cool! He loves to sing tunes with his person. Together they are in university and is a bit more on the chilled side... not much bothers him!
Alfonzo has a soft heart for people. Which he gets from his person.


Old Man's Mask

He is the oldest there, and he's got no hair!
This old man is very wise, but also love learning something new from the younger masks.
He loves sharing and hearing stories... That's "if" he can stay awake!


Gr3 student mask

She is the youngest mask, only 4 days old!
She's got a very "bubbly" personality & loves to talk... a lot!
Charlie is a very lovable mask, just like her student.
Always up for some fun!


Teachers Mask

She loves spending time with her Teacher and is super clever! Tea is an Afrikaans speaking mask, who loves to read and spending time with her Teacher is her favorite thing to do.
Tea is super clear and like to keep things neat.