Sit down, relax, have some coffee. We can't wait to tell you all about it...

At Lighthouse Church we are better together! So whether you have joined us before or a first time visitor we are glad that you have decided to check out our page. All you need to know about Lighthouse Church can be found right here. We hope to see you soon!

Welcome to Lighthouse Church

Here you will find everything you need to know as a first time visitor. We certainly hope you will make Lighthouse Church your new home.


Main Auditorium

Our main auditorium is where we host all our services and events. Here we fellowship together before and after services.

Info Desk

If you want more info on any of our services, life groups, up and coming events and more please feel free to go to the Info desk next to the entrance of the church. Our friendly staff are looking forward to assisting you. You are welcome to become part of this amazing ministry by filling out the volunteer forms.

Coffee Shop

Our coffee shop has some of the best coffees out there and also some of the friendliest people serving. Enjoy this great selection of coffees and assorted snacks with all your friends and family.

Come check out our book shelf on the left hand side of the coffee shop.

If you have a heart for serving in this specific area and you are very good with people, join our coffee station.

Visitors Lounge

Visiting Lighthouse for the first time? We would love to meet and connect with you after the service and answer any questions you might have over a cup of coffee.

Baby's Room

Fully equipped with everything you will need to tend to your precious little one's needs, our baby room will help you to relax with your little one and still be able to follow the service of the day.

Our baby room comes equipped with a baby feeding section, a nappy changing station and also a TV screen with audio so you can still feel as much a part of the service as those in the auditorium.

Be Part Of The Family

How To Become A Member

For all those who want to know more about Lighthouse Church and all those who want to be prayed in as members of Lighthouse Church.

Register for the next CONNECT session where we will share with you the history and vision of Lighthouse Church.

Visit the info desk for more information

Life Group

How To Join A Life Group

Want to become part of a Life Group, we have a couple of them across the city and surrounding towns.

Find one near you.