Greg & Candice have been on the eldership since 2013, they oversee various ministries including the supernatural ministry team and the hospital healing ministry. They oversee local outreaches as well as national outreaches.

Greg has played a major role in assisting Derek in leading Lighthouse Church to become the church it is today

Greg and Candice pursue the presence of the Holy spirit and love seeing people activated and engaged in the supernatural. They have an incredible gifting for healings and words of knowledge which we get to witness most Sunday mornings.

This couple have 3 boys who keep them on their toes as well but this doesn’t stop them from being powerful ministers; Candice is a wonderful shepherd, absolutely loves people, and is no slouch when it comes to leading meetings and preaching

Greg shares a large portion of the preaching load, is an incredible teacher and carries an undeniable Apostolic gifting, his 1st book is ready to be published; watch this space for more info

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