Marriage Course

This program runs quarterly where Riaan and Riette Weideman minister to married couples. This course gives you some basic tools on how to live out your lives as married couples to the best of your ability in Jesus and how to honor each other within the love of Jesus.


Divorce Care

Divorce Care is a program that runs 4 times a year. This is where we help people by teaching them skills on how to cope and deal with the reality of getting divorced.


Grief Share

Grief Share is a support group for those who have lost a loved one. There is a video-lead teaching followed by a discussion time. A manual is provided with daily tools and methods to help during the time of grieving.


Discipleship Program

Basic Biblical Foundations:

This class not only teach the basic of Christian doctrine and what we believe, but also a great part of the culture of the church. Here basic questions of what is faith, grace and forgiveness is answered.

Awakening the Gifts:

This course aims to reveal God’s plan and purpose in your life. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are thoroughly explored and as the material is worked through, our natural gifting and passions are revealed.

Prayer 1:

Prayer 1 is the basic introduction to prayer and the idea is to get you pray out loud in the public, hearing your own voice and being comfortable about it. The is a very practical class that encourages us all to pray.

Prayer 2:

The second addition to prayer looks deeper into what prayer is, what the hindrances are and what intersession is. This class has a more theological approach but get applied prac-tically through homework.

Offensive Christianity:

Many Christians do not share their faith, because they fear a controversial question that they cannot answer, like “Is Jesus really God.” or “Did David really exist?” This course aims to equip the Christian to defend his/ her faith against other worldviews.

Biblical Time Travel:

“Who was where doing what?” is what this this course answers. Join us as we go through the Bible in a chronological way to see where everyone fits in.

Leadership Training A: (6 weeks) Bait of Satan – John Bevere

The Bait of Satan deals with offence and second-hand offence, the dangers of it and how to avoid it.

Leadership Training B: (6 weeks) Under Cover – John Bevere

Under Cover deals with leadership itself. How to work with those superior to you in the workplace, how to honour and love them in a way that it honours God.

Foundation Course

The Foundation Course forms part of the Discipleship Program and runs on Wednesday evenings for a total of 8 weeks. The course covers all the basics every Christian should know, the fundamentals of our Christian beliefs. Everybody’s welcome to sign up for this course, however you have to be a member to do any of the Discipleship courses at Lighthouse Church. To find out more about this, please pop by our Info Desk or click here to contact us.


Basic Ministry Training

You need to have completed the Foundations Course to be able to apply for this course

Every Wednesday night we teach on how to pray for people, how to minister to those who are in need as well as how to do effective deliverance, equipping people with the necessary skills to touch a heart and have a profound impact.